May 10, 2017

Sterling silver name/word rings are one of the most involved pieces of jewelry I create! The first step is to cut the wire to approximately the correct size. After that each letter is carefully hand-stamped one letter at a time! To ensure it reaches the correct position it has to be held in the right spot with the right amount of force. After stamping each letter the wire is shaped from a flat piece of wire to a round shape with a special pair of pliers. A special paste is then applied to the opening where the two wire ends meet. Next the wire is heated very carefully with a torch, once the metal is hot enough the paste starts to melt forming the bond between the two end pieces. After the two pieces are secured, using a special sanding tool, the ring is sanded to ensure smoothness. Next, they go into two stages of polishing machines where they are shined to perfection! After the smoothing, shining and polishing is done they sit and dry. The final process is the letter darkening on the ring. Using a special ink filler applied to the ring I rub the excess ink away with a cloth. The last and final process of the ring is to check it thoroughly for any issues. Once its ensured that its up to our standards it is packaged in a tiny little box on its way to its new home!  


These rings are a challenging piece to make! They are time consuming and FUN! I love creating them and thinking about all the people that will get to enjoy them and show off who/what they love! You can stack them and mix and match what you wear with them! They are a timeless piece!


What do you have on your ring OR what would you like to have stamped on a ring??


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